Killer Instinct 2 (Coming soon) €TBD

Killer Instinct 2 is a fighting video game developed by Rare and manufactured by Midway for arcades in 1996 as a sequel to Killer Instinct. A modified version of Killer Instinct 2, licensed by Nintendo, was published for the Nintendo 64 as Killer Instinct Gold that same year.

In the process of fixing up, let us know if you’re interested.

Namco Noir 2P – €1200

Full HD Model I believe (I will have to double-check). Namco Noir Arcade cabinet is a HD terminal cool black cabinet, in a compact size and with a 32 inch high definition LCD wide screen, high quality made in Japan. Imported directly from Japan with a 2 player control panel added. Perfect for JVS games.

Time Crisis 3 – €1200

Time Crisis 3 marks the return of Namco’s premier light-gun shooting franchise. This fast-paced shooter delivers superior shooting action and supreme excitement. A new weapon select system enables players to choose from four weapons (machine gun, handgun, shotgun and grenade) and optimize their gameplay strategy. The ultimate Arcade Shooter.

Cabinet Condition is below average-poor, hence the price. Would still make a great home piece/ mancave piece for anyone, not a game that can really be played on a typical mame unit. The game plays well, original boards work fine and Hantarex Polo CRTs are still looking decent.